Support the #lonelychair at #Studio132

April 24, 2017

Our crowdfunder project is now LIVE!!

As it stands, we are currently reliant on borrowed seating for use during performances – we want to change that situation! We want to ensure that audiences sit in comfort when they visit Studio 132, so we are looking to purchase some high quality auditorium chairs.
One such chair already resides at Studio 132 – the #lonelychair – which arrived as a sample some time ago.

Over the next 6 weeks we are looking to raise the necessary funds to purchase a full set of 50 seats so that Studio 132 can genuinely be classed as a “50-seater studio” and we’re looking for your help…

Our crowd funding page can be found at:

Please have a look at the site (where you will find more information and details of the rewards available for pledging) and hopefully you will consider coming on board with our project.

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