Bombshells – Tonight

by Joanna Murray-Smith

The Society are presenting the final production, of what has been a very difficult season, on Friday 11th June 2021.  Bombshells is a collection of monologues written by Joanna Murray-Smith.  The full length play contains 6 monologues, however, the Society has selected what was considered 3 of the  most entertaining and relevant to present online on Friday 11th June at 7:30pm.  They are:

Meyrl Louise Davenport – presented by Marley Hunter and directed by Christopher Hewitson
Tiggy Entwhistle – presented by Annabelle Miller and directed by Graham Hewitson
Winsome Webster – presented by Susan Steel and directed by Drew Barnett

Tickets for the show can be purchased via Ticket Source, at the link below, and cost £5:

Future Plans

Hopefully we will have audiences back in Studio 132 following our Summer break.

The Society is excited to announce that we intend to perform September in the Rain by John Godber in Studio 132 from Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th September at 7:30pm. Full details to follow.

In the summer of 2020 the Society released, online, a series of one minute plays. You can find these on our Film Archive page.

In the run up to Christmas 2020, the society produced a radio version of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. This script was written by Dickens himself so he could perform it at various events as a one man show. Our version splits the characters between a number of actors and it will be made public once again in the run up to Christmas 2021.
Early in the New Year we worked on two radio scripts. the first, Lifeline, tells the story of how real life experiences can affect staff in a helpline call centre and the second, Mabel’s Day Off is an amusing fantasy adventure. If you missed either you can catch up with them here:


/>Mabels Day Off:

We are currently working on a series of monologues from Joanna Murry-Smith’s dazzling Bombshells.  We hope to bring those to you in the near future.

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